Christophe Faure


Pediatric Neurogastroenterology
Gastrointestinal Motility and Disorders of Gut Brain Interactions in Children 
Third Edition

Edited by
Christophe Faure
Carlo Di Lorenzo
Nikhil Thapar

Publisher : Springer, New York

Neurogastroenterology is devoted to studying "the interface of all aspects of the digestive system with the different branches of the nervous system." Over the past 15 years, advances in this field have greatly improved our understanding in primary functional and motility disorders in children. Neurogastroenterology  has also begun to revolutionize our vision of "organic" diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, and diabetes, as well as microbial-host interactions. Major advances have also been achieved during these years in the knowledge of mechanisms of development of the enteric nervous system at the molecular level, allowing a better understanding of diseases related to developmental anomalies and opening perspectives to new treatments with stem cells.
The third edition updated in 2022 of Pediatric Neurogastroenterology: Gastrointestinal Motility and Disorders of Gut Brain interactions in Children is dedicated to reporting the most accurate and recent knowledge in the field. Written by the world-renown experts, the book covers the field by providing a comprehensive and up-to-date review and practical guide to pediatric gastrointestinal motility and functional disorders for pediatricians, pediatric gastroenterologists, adult gastroenterologists and all professionals involved in the treatment of children with such disorders.

▶  Only volume in past decades dedicated solely to pediatric GI motility
▶  Designed to be the   reference on Pediatric Neurogastroenterology
▶  Written by experts in the field